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Free Economy Shipping within the US states for orders totaling at least $35. Economy shipped orders leave our facility within 2 business days, and can take up to 7 business days to arrive. 

Free Expedited Shipping with 2 to 3 day delivery within the US states for orders $75 or more.  Expedited orders are shipped next business day and usually arrive in 2 business days, with some areas getting Saturday and Sunday delivery, but orders will arrive in 3 business days. 

Customers that pay for our Expedited Services will have their packages shipped by the next business day, though we attempt to ship those packages same business day if payment is received by 10 a.m. CST.  Expedited Shipping will ship by USPS Priority, FedEx Ground or FedEx Express Service, depending on the delivery location and address. 

Hawaii and Alaska customers will have packages delivered by USPS only, so please include a ship to address that receives mail. Orders under $75 usually ship by First Class Package, which takes extra time, so we suggest upgrading the shipping method at checkout.  If your order is $75 or above, then it is going USPS Priority Mail.

If your address is not located in one of the 50 US States you will need to review the other shipping options below.

If you need a package sent by a certain method, or transit time, but do not see that option at checkout for your location, please email us at and request a price quote for the service you desire. FedEx and USPS are our preferred carriers, but we do business with other carriers such as UPS, and can offer other delivery options.  We use electronic invoicing that allows you click on a pay link in the emailed invoice, and go to our secure server to pay for your order and shipping.


Military addresses are treated like regular domestic shipping within the 50 US States, except for some exceptions.  The same free shipping rules apply, except all military addresses, such as, but not excluding, APO and FPO addresses will get Priority Mail shipping for all orders no matter the order amount. Expedited Shipping services such as Priority Express Mail can be purchased, and will speed up delivery by a couple of days. Diplomatic orders, shipping to an Embassy or Consulate will also get the same Priority Mail shipping at any order size.  Military or Embassy personnel living in general population, outside the delivery of Military or State Department Mail do not qualify for this, and will have packages shipped using our International Orders rules.  Please be aware, that once packages leave USPS control, a number of factors to cause delays which we have no control.  We appreciate the work of our military and government employees, and want to make delivery of goods as easy and quick as possible.  Please verify that your ship to address is able to receive mail.  FedEx service can be used, but we will need to be contacted for a price quote.


Customers in US Territories that get mail delivered by USPS, will follow the same shipping rules as orders shipping in the US States, except delivery times can be slower.  Orders under $75 will usually be shipped by USPS First Class Package, with delivery times between 10 and 15 business days.  We have found that the further the territory is from the US mainland, and the more remote the island, the longer delivery times take.  Expedited Services, such as Priority Mail, can take an additional 2 to 5 business days above the usual 3 day delivery time.  Please verify that your ship to address is able to accept mail.  You can request a faster service, or FedEX delivery, but we will need to be contacted for a price quote.


International orders are usually shipped by either FedEx with transfer to the Postal Service, or by USPS with transfer to the customer's Postal Service in their country. Delivery transit times can take up to 15 business days for Economy and Standard Shipping, and up to 10 business days for Expedited Shipping.  Faster services are available, but customer will need to contact us for a price quote. For many of our international customers, especially in Canada, the delivery times are faster. All orders are shipped with tracking, though some countries do not offer tracking once it enters the country and clears customs.  The customer is importer of record and is responsible for any duties or taxes charged by their country or local taxing authority.   International shipments take additional time to process and ship, though we make every effort to get those packages shipped quickly. International Expedited Services are available and those packages usually are shipped a day sooner than those without Expedited Service.


If you receive mail at a PO BOX, please include that address along with your physical address, since some smaller orders will ship by USPS. Include your PO Box in the second address field.  FedEx 3 Day, 2 Day and Next Day Services must go to a physical address.  FedEx is not available in Hawaii or Alaska. Delays, beyond our control can take place, such as weather delays, or increased holiday traffic. Once packages leave our facility, we do not have control on when the packages will get delivered.  Delivery times, excluding FedEx Express Services, are not guaranteed, and delivery times are only estimates.  FedEx Guaranteed Services usually arrive when promised, but again weather delays can cause late deliveries.  Remember, good weather at your location does not mean another part of the country where packages get sorted and flown out are having good weather. Carriers have no control if the government stops flights due to weather, or other emergencies. If you are an international customer, sometimes customs will hold a package for further inspection, before releasing to be delivered.


NOTE: Packages sometimes don't make it to their location, but this is not that common for most locations. We work closely with our carriers, especially USPS to follow up and investigate where our packages have been delivered.  All the carriers, including USPS have GPS on their scanners or vehicles that show location at time of delivery, or mailboxes have barcodes that are scanned at time of delivery.  For USPS packages we will file a report for an investigation to question the carrier, review the GPS or mailbox scans, and review any delivery vehicle video to determine if the carrier had delivered to the correct location.

Tracking information will be provided with most orders.  If your tracking states your order was delivered, but you do not have it, you will need to complete some tasks before contacting us.  All our carriers will require that the customer check with the carrier to determine if the delivery person had made changes to the delivery.  For FedEx this could mean the driver was unable to deliver the package and took the package back for a later delivery, or for pick-up at an authorized pick-up location.  For USPS, the carrier may not have been able to deliver or did not feel the package was safe and took the package back to the Post Office for pick-up.  Usually, the delivery people will leave a note, but not always, or it gets blown away by the wind. After a delivery scan is made, the package is to be delivered, and if not, the scan deleted, but again, sometimes this step is not performed, and the package shows as delivered, when it wasn't.  All the carriers have websites, that allow you to enter your tracking number, and give you numbers you can call to inquire about your package.  The Postal Service website gives you the ability to search for your local Post Office, and get their contact number. If your package states it was delivered and it wasn't, and no other delivery or pick-up changes were made, then we will work to get your package, another one sent, or issue a refund. Most of the time the package is found and is delivered.

Final Note: If you continue to have packages missing, that show as delivered, but are not, then your packages could be getting stolen.  We suggest that you find a different delivery address.  Having orders sent to your work, or renting a box at a mail center, such as a UPS Store, would be a solution.  If you are getting your packages, and stating you are not, then this is stealing, and over time it will come back to hurt your ability to shop online as non-delivery issues are being tracked with carriers, online store customer databases, banks, credit card providers, and marketplaces such as Amazon, which could prevent you from shopping certain stores, paying by certain methods, or being required to sign for or pick-up all orders purchased online.  If you would not walk into a store, and steal off the shelf, then don't claim you didn't get an order when you did, because it is the same as taking a product from a retail store without paying.  Many online stores, and manufacturers, are small businesses, running tight budgets, and employing people with families to support.  By stealing, you are making it hard for small businesses and small family owned manufacturers to survive in a business environment that favors large corporations.